May 20, 2010

May 20: Moving towards northeast Kansas/ne Colorado

I think that the upslope area of northeast CO/NW KS/sw Nebraska looks interesting tomorrow. We are in Dodge today and will reevaluate our destination for tonight based upon the 12 UTC run of the models. The huge discrepency betweem the SPC outlook for Saturday and the 0000 UTC NAM. The latter has a gigantic potential for north-central Nebraska, but SPC has the risk way up in the Dakotas.

Anyway, there will probably be some lightning photography opportunities this evening up in ne Colorado/nw KS, so we will probably head up that way today, and then the next two days look great.

Meanwhile, we upgraded from a full sized car to a mid size SUV. This drives great in the rain, and also gets reasonable gas mileage. Here's a picture of our Chase Vehicle, a Dodge Jericho mid-size SUV. Be sure to check out the other side of the story at Chasing Storks.