Apr 29, 2012

Chase 2012 Schedule

Well, here comes storm season in a rush.  Yes, there have been tornadoes already, but there has not been an extended period of patterns that suggest that storm observing opportunities would be continuous day after day.   That appears to be in the offing for the next week or so.

But that is "now", and what Thom and I are concerned about is "then".  The "then" is our chase trip, which is now scheduled 18 May through 1 June for me (although Thom comes back about five days before).

We will now begin updating this page with the prospects.

Some equipment updates:

  • we'll still be using Mobile Threatnet, despite its coarse composite radar plots, because it is continuously available;
  • we're hoping GRLevel3 and, perhaps, GRLevel2 will be our chief source of radar information...I've updated the former with high resolution easier to read map backgrounds;
  • I've updated the wireless capability with a 4G/3G five connection hotspot...yes, most places don't have even 3G service, but it will allow us fast update times along the major interstates;
  • I've updated the windshield cam with the new Contour+ point of view (POV) camera.  Last year's POV footage was wonderful.  We'll just have to remember to keep the car pointed at something of interest.  This camera has a 170 degree field of view and is nearly fully rotatable.
  • We've prereserved a Chevy Equinox Cross-Over...it was really a wonderful car last year (let's hope Hertz doesn't pull a switch on us)...and I got most of it paid for with my airline miles.