May 24, 2011

May 24: Central Oklahoma

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We are currently in Enid, Oklahoma.   The students reading this blog will recognize this morning's Oklahoma City sounding as an example of the so-called "Loaded Gun" sounding.  In fact, the sounding will be altered by afternoon not only by surface heating but by increasing dew points.  This makes the potential for this sounding even more significant.

The morning's surface map has many incredients in place...a triple point in south-central KS....with a dry line extending south.   A warm front moving through Oklahoma into southern KS.  However, the models portray some forecast issues for foci.   One model moves the triple point north and would have the risk further north...while another model has the best play of incredients in the southern portion of Central Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, the models suggest that an outbreak of major tornadic supercell over Oklahoma and southern KS perhaps into Missouri.   The parameters are in place for strong and violent tornadoes today...and perhaps several of them.

The OKC and Tulsa Metropolitan areas will be threatened this afternoon.

This is fresh after the awful destruction that the Joplin tornado caused.   The death toll is over 150 now, and the indicaitions are that this may have been one of the most destructive tornadows in the record of the National Weather Service.