May 8, 2013

Chase Trip 2013 -- May 16-May 26

Thom and I are scheduled for a departure Thursday  16 May in the early afternoon.  We can conceivably chase  in eastern Colorado that day if the pattern is favorable.  Or if a dramatic pattern is setting up for that day, we can get an earlier flight.   
So far 2013 has been a fairly inactive year.   While there has been severe weather across the southeastern quadrant of the U.S., it has been a year with unusually few tornadoes.      

The pattern forecast for next week is not dramatic, and it looks like what opportunities for chasing storms there will be will set up in the central and northern Plains.  

The widget that plotted our position  stopped working last year.   So I have fashioned my own.  However, you'll have to click on the link for that on the right margin to generate a map that shows where we are when I have the GPS unit on.