May 20, 2013

Moore Tornado

Just an awful coincidence that the tornado that devastated Oklahoma City's southern suburbs took basically the same path as the May 3, 1999 tornado, and very similar path to the tornado that struck the same area a couple of years later.

Most chasers were on the storms further south.  Thom and I passed that storm when it was developing and figured that more substantial storms would be further we went on by, in fact around it, to get to the tornadic storm further south.  We did not get to any storm today that had a tornado.

Just as well that we didn't leave even later, as we came from Ponca City in the north....and would have probably chased that storm as our only option later in the day.

It looks like all my chase colleagues are safe, and most who are down here are choosing not to contribute to the confusion in I35 passes right through that beleagured town.

The graphic is designed by Meredith Botnick to show support for the people of Oklahoma who have endured tragedy today and yesterday.

There is a plea for $10 donations, via a text number.

Text 32333
Subject:  FOOD

That will provide a $10 donation for victim relief.