May 24, 2009

5/24/09: Viva Las Vegas....

...New Mexico, that is. Which is where Scott Landolt and I are overnighting. We left Thom off at Denver Airport but decided to stay in the area. A Denver Convergence Zone was developing again, basically a reprise of yesterday. And, this decision paid off for us all.

It turns out that we ended up chasing right to Denver Airport. Thom's flight was in the late afternoon, so while we were chasing and he was waiting, a supercell developed west of Denver Airport. The radar development was spectacular, and the storm ended up producing a marvelously wrapped wedding cake, corkscrew updraft area.

Yes, Thom was in the Airport when the tornado warning was issued, the sirens wailed, the klaxons sounded, and all were asked to the tornado shelters and planes were vectored off.

We are not sure if the storm produced a tornado. We did see two funnel clouds with earlier storms, and Cameron Redwine reported a funnel at the time of maximum development. I'll post more when I get my pictures downloaded.