May 18, 2012

First Day....outward and onward

After a very early flight, both of us on short sleep, we are navigating our way through ne Colorado towards the anemic moisture tongue on its way northwestward from Kansas.  We've taken some pictures of our vehicle and will try to load them.  Also, having a difficult time uploading the charts I have annotated.....

Right now, at 3:34 PM PDT, some high based cells that are showing some midlevel rotation are developing southeast of Sterling, CO.  Probably will drift east into sw NE shortly.

A panorama made of seven pictures I shot with mu iPhone camera.
This base was elevated, but rotating.  
We saw three or four high based storms, that had signs of midlevel rotation.  

Our preliminary target for tomorrow is still the Pratt, KS area.  I think there's a good chance of surface based supercells tomorrow.  I also think there may be a couple of tornadoes in KS tomorrow.

Our chase vehicle this year is the same as last year's:  Chevy Equinox
This is the lap top setup.   The square thing at the top is an antenna for the mobile wireless hotspot I have.