May 30, 2012

Unedited Video of First Stages of Kingman, KS tornado.

This shows the evolution of a non-mesocyclone tornado (sometimes referred to erroneously as a "landspout" by storm chasers) to a mesocyclone tornado (sometimes referred to as a "supercell tornado"). The initial formation was under the flanking line of a supercell thunderstorm, along which shear vortices could be seen at cloud base. The video starts with the formation of a tornadic whirl under such a vortex, visible as a high based funnel cloud and a debris field underneath. Over several minutes this formed a tall dust whirl. But later in the life-cycle, this vortex propagated along the flanking line into the area underneath the main updraft of the storm. At that moment, it developed a Rear Flank Downdraft, and the parent radar echo developed a hook. Thus, the tornado was now a mesocyclone-induced (or "supercell" tornado). Thus, this tornado was a very interesting "hybrid".